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Virtual Institute Study Tour for the University of the West Indies
14 - 25 May 2012
Palais des Nations, Room S4
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

The study tour is organized by the UNCTAD Virtual Institute (Vi) at the request of the University of the West Indies as one of the Vi services for its member universities.
During two weeks, 14 Master students in International Trade Policy will undergo tailored training on trade and development delivered by UNCTAD's divisions and programmes, as well as the WTO, WHO, ITC, IOM, WIPO, the South Centre, CUTS Geneva Resource Center, ILO and ICTSD.

The topics covered during the tour will comprise economic challenges for SIDS, the debt crisis, regional integration and EPAs, food security, SMEs, technology and innovation, climate change, creative economies and transport and trade facilitation.
The programme will also include discussions on WTO negotiations, intellectual property, health, migration, employment and other trade-related issues.


The students will be briefed on current activities of main interest to the Caribbean region and meet with representatives from different regional missions in Geneva.

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