Seminar on International Trade in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) - Trends and Capacity-building needs
18 June 2004
Anhambi Conference Center
São Paulo

Key Issues

The controversial subject of GMOs in international trade was examined at the final DITC parallel event of UNCTAD XI on 18 June 2004.

The session, which was attended by around 130 participants, conducted an informed discussion of the key issues from the development perspective.  Agro-biotechnology is a particularly challenging issue for developing countries. Their main concern seems to be finding a balance between their development objectives and their multilaterally agreed trade obligations. The forum addressed these issues and also provided an opportunity to discuss new initiatives.

There may be a need for more capacity building activities to support developing countries in dealing with agro-biotechnology and biosafety.

Efforts may also be needed to set up a global strategy to deal with new phenomena in a more coherent and systemic manner and avoid ad hoc solutions.   More


EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agriculture Research Corporation) and UNICAMP (University of Campinas)


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