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WAIPA World Investment Conference 2005
09 - 10 March 2005
Palais des Nations,<br>Room XVII (Main Conference)<br>and<br>Rooms XXVII, 3056/58, 3057, 3060 and 7050/52 (Workshops)

Key Issues

The WAIPA World Investment Conference will be held back-to-back with UNCTAD´s Commission on Investment, Technology and Related Financial Issues. The theme of the conference is: "Investment in Services".

Four sessions will take place during the two-day event, these will take the form of interactive debates between panelists and the audience, with a moderator. The third of these sessions - a joint high-level session with the UNCTAD Commission on Investment - will examine the issue of: "Attracting FDI in Service Clusters", and will be co-chaired by: Mr. Kai Hammerich and the President of the Commission.

Other plenary sessions will discuss: "FDI Trends in Services"; "FDI in Business Support Services"; and "Developing Health Services through FDI".

The conference will be preceded, from 7-8 March 2005, by two workshops on:
"Promoting Partnerships between ACP & EU IPAs", sponsored by Ernst & Young and ProInvest
"Strategic Marketing and Image Building for IPAs", sponsored by IBM - Plant Location International.

Further workshops will be organized on the last day of the Conference and topics such as: "Strategies to Attract and Retain Foreign Investment Projects"; "Competing for FDI Best Practices and IPA Benchmarking of Investor Servicing"; "E-Government Tools for IPAs Investment Promotion"; and "Exchange of Best Practices in IPA Policy Advocacy" will be addressed.



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