Enhancing the Creative Economy: Shaping an International Centre on Creative Industries
17 - 20 April 2005
Bahia Othon Palace Hotel
Salvador, Bahia

Key Issues

At the UNCTAD XI Ministerial Conference in São Paulo last June, a High Level Panel on Creative Industries was convened to discuss and debate the role of creative industries in development. The Panel laid down the challenge to identify bold and innovative measures that could help channel the untapped reservoirs of talent and creative capacities from across the developing world into more tangible income, employment and trading opportunities.

As a first major step towards meeting this challenge, the Brazilian Government has taken the initiative to establish an International Centre on Creative Industries.

This Forum on "Enhancing the Creative Economy: Shaping an International Centre on Creative Industries" will prepare the groundwork for the creation of the Centre and seek to identify effective strategies to expand our cultural heritage through the productive use of cultural assets and human talents everywhere.

The Forum will bring together governments, civil society and international agencies, as well as selected artists, business practitioners and academics, to determine how to create concrete work programmes for the benefit of developing countries.

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