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University of West Indies/UNCTAD Virtual Institute Study Tour
02 - 27 May 2005
Palais des Nations, Room XXVII

Key Issues

Over the course of three weeks, 30 post-graduate students from the University of West Indies will meet and discuss ideas with experts in the field of International Trade, Investment and Development.

Many distinguished speakers from UNCTAD will be contributing to this event. The UNCTAD staff involved represent all areas of UNCTAD´s work. The study tour will also include discussions and meetings with other international organizations, including the WTO and ITC. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with delegates of their respective Missions in Geneva and ask questions about a range of trade-related issues such as the state of play of the current WTO negotiations.

The aim of the study tour is to provide students with insight into the policy-making process and provide a greater understanding of trade and development issues. The students are following a Masters in International Trade Policy. The course provides a policy-orientated training to post-graduate and professional level students from both the public and private sector, focusing specifically on the issues relevant to the Caribbean sub-region.


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