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Workshop on the Settlement of Investment Disputes
18 - 20 July 2005
International Institute for Trade and Development

Key Issues

Based on the Course on Dispute Settlement, this workshop offers a general and up-to-date review of ICSID dispute settlement procedures.

Module 2.1 Overview
Module 2.2 Selecting the Appropriate Forum
Module 2.3 Consent to Arbitration
Module 2.4 Requirements Ratione Personae
Module 2.5 Requirements Ratione Materiae
Module 2.6 Applicable Law
Module 2.7 Procedural Issues
Module 2.8 Post-Award Remedies and Procedures
Module 2.9 Binding Force and Enforcement

Participation is open to all and the participation of female professionals is encouraged. There is no fee for participation but costs of travel and subsistence are to be borne by participants.

To register, please return the attached registration form with a copy of your CV by no later than 6 July 2005. Participants will be accommodated on a "first come, first serve" basis.


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