Advisory Mission to Assist Bhutan in its Accession to the WTO
14 - 21 February 2005

Key Issues

The objective of this mission was to provide policy and negotiation advice and technical assistance to Bhutan’s Government and in particular to its negotiation team on accession to the WTO, including the preparation of the necessary documentation for the 2nd meeting of the Working Party (WP) on accession. The main focus of this mission, in addition to above, was on all issues in accession related to agriculture, including of finalizing the background document for the ACC/4, domestic support for agriculture, working on the legislative work/implementation action plan on SPS, and advising in preparing the agricultural tariff offer, negotiating objectives and options and respective negotiation strategies as part of the overall initial offer in goods.


UNCTAD Trust Fund for WTO Accession funded by the United Kingdon and Norway


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