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WTO 6th Ministerial Conference - JITAP Event
14 December 2005
Room 601, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong

Key Issues

The Joint ITC/UNCTAD/WTO Integrated Technical Assistance Programme for selected least developed and other African countries (JITAP) was launched at UNCTAD IX (1996) in response to the urgent need to help LDCs and other African countries expand and diversify their trade and become integrated in the multilateral trading system.

The objective of the JITAP Event is to facilitate interactions among JITAP countries, donor countries and other interested countries and organizations participating at WTO 6th Ministerial Conference on:

  • Capacity building for effective integration of African countries into the multilateral trading system (MTS), and

  • Best practices and approaches in building capacity for the multilateral trading system based on the JITAP experience.


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