Workshop on Integrated Resources Planning: Fostering Minerals Clusters
10 - 14 April 2006

Key Issues

The workshop is organized jointly by UNCTAD, UNECA, the Southern and Eastern African Mineral Industry Centre (SEAMIC), the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) of the University of Dundee, MINTEK of South Africa, DFID of UK, and the government of Mozambique.

Its main objective is:
  • to create a critical mass of informed policy makers in the sectoral ministries responsible for mining as well in the ministries of planning, finance and economic development;

  • raise their awareness on the potential of minerals clusters in supporting long-term economic development and growth;

  • provide them with tools for minerals policy design; and

  • implementation, and enhance their knowledge and capacity on mineral-related subjects.

The workshop is aimed at senior policy makers in the ministries of mining, finance and economic planning of selected African countries. About 50 participants are expected to attend the workshop.



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