Training on Investment Promotion for Moroccan Diplomats
23 - 25 May 2006
Room Benhima, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Key Issues

The government of Morocco, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, requested the Training for Diplomats in Investment Promotion and Investor Targeting in early 2006. This workshop continues the long and fruitful collaboration between the Kingdom of Morocco and UNCTAD.

Close to 30 Moroccan diplomats, including those in training at Rabat Royal Academy and those in the field, took part in this three-day training workshop. A tailor made program was prepared to meet the needs of a diverse group of participants. Active participation and valuable input from the participants produced a high quality workshop, enriched by practical models and tools.

Investment promotion plays a major role in the economic development policy of the Kingdom of Morocco. Moroccan authorities are committed to creating a favourable climate for FDI through investment promotion. Consequently, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, training for diplomats, including investor targeting, represents a crucial asset for Moroccan competitiveness.


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