UNCTAD-WTO-ITC Workshop on Tools and Methods for Trade and Trade Policy Analysis
11 - 15 September 2006

Key Issues

UNCTAD´s Virtual Institute, the World Trade Organization and the International Trade Centre are organizing a professional development workshop on tools and methods for trade and trade policy analysis for researchers and university teachers from developing countries.

The objective of the workshop is to:

  • familiarize participants with sources of data on trade and trade policy;

  • present and train them on methodologies for trade and trade policy analysis;

  • discuss ways of integrating such analyses into university programmes;

  • discuss with policy makers how to present research; and

  • identify areas of research that could be developed using the techniques and data presented in the workshop.

The workshop will take place in two venues:

  1. Monday, 11 September (whole day) and Friday, 15 September (afternoon) - Palais des Nations, Villa Bocage

  2. the rest of the meeting - International Trade Centre, Rue du Montbrillant 54-56, Room 2-40, Second floor.


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