International Symposium on International Migration and Development
28 - 30 June 2006

Key Issues

UNCTAD organized a panel event on "Mode 4 of trade in services and its development impact" as part of the International Symposium on International Migration and Development in Turin, Italy.

This was one of a broader set of activities in the preparation of the High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development taking place in September 2006 in New York, US.

The panel took as a starting point the potential economic and developmental gains from liberalizing the temporary movement of natural persons and presented different avenues for realising these gains. Discussants explained both multilateral and regional fora and approaches, as well as the benefits and challenges these approaches bring about.

The UNCTAD speakers provided an overview of:

  • UNCTAD´s work on Mode 4 and related issues;
  • Linkages, overlaps and differences between migration and Mode 4 movement of services provided;
  • Potential benefits arising from such movements;
  • State of play of World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations on the liberalisation of service trade.

The ensuing debate generated a series of interesting and thought provoking questions and helped to clarify issues at the interface between Mode 4, trade and migration.

Participants included a series of ambassadors and high level government officials from developing and developed countries.


UNCTAD, Norway Trust Fund


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