Seminar on the Islamic Republic of Iran´s Accession to the World Trade Organisation: TRIPS-related Issues
11 - 13 September 2006

Key Issues

UNCTAD, together with the Iranian Ministry of Commerce is organizing a workshop on the TRIPS Agreement, in view of the Islamic Republic of Iran´s accession to the WTO.

The seminar is designed to assist the Islamic Republic of Iran in its accession to the WTO.

The main objective is to improve understanding of the processes related to intellectual property rights (IPRs) and implications of Iran´s accession to the WTO. The seminar also aims to assist domestic policy makers and stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the WTO TRIPS Agreement and its development implications.

The seminar is a follow-up to an earlier seminar on WTO accession in Teheran in March 2006.

Experts will give presentations on, inter alia:

  • IPRs and development;
  • the WTO TRIPS Agreement;
  • TRIPS in WTO accessions;
  • Selected IPRs and key issues for Iran;
  • WTO dispute settlement cases relating to TRIPS.

The seminar will conclude with a negotiating simulation exercise.

Participants will include officials from the Ministries of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Agriculture, Health, Industry and Mining, Commerce and Foreign Affairs.

Representatives from private sector organizations affected by IPRs and the TRIPS agreement - such as Pharmaceutical companies, the Organization of Cultural Heritage and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mining - will also attend.


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