UNCTAD Seminar on the Islamic Republic of Iran´s Accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO)
04 - 08 March 2006

Key Issues

The seminar was organised to assist the Islamic Republic of Iran in its accession to the WTO.

The main objective was to improve understanding, at the national level, of the processes and implications of Iran´s accession to the WTO.

The seminar aimed at assisting domestic policy makers and stakeholders to familiarize themselves more with key WTO agreements and their development implications. The seminar is to be complemented by a series of follow-up activities, including an advisory mission focussing on agriculture and NAMA (June 2006) and a seminar on TRIPS (September 2006).

The workshop focussed on general issues related to:

  • WTO accession

  • Agriculture

  • NAMA (Non-Agricultural Market Access)

  • Services

UNCTAD experts gave presentations on:

  • The WTO Accession Process;

  • Trade in Industrial Products and Industrial Tariffs

  • Iran´s Accession and Offer in Goods

  • The Importance of Agriculture for Development

  • Liberalization and Regulation in Key Services Sectors

The seminar concluded with a simulation exercise on the development of an initial services offer.

Participants included officials from the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Bank as well as representatives from other affected stakeholders, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Free Zones, and research institutes.


German Trust Fund for WTO Accession


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