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Workshop on Sustainable Tourism for Development
17 - 24 October 2006
Tamatave (Madagascar)

Key Issues

This seminar is organized in collaboration with the TrainforTrade program and the Région Rhône-Alpes (International Relations Division- DRI) of France.

The seminar will address various and different issues pertaining to sustainable tourism as a tool for national development and will be composed of three modules.

  • The first will explore the benefits of tourism development carried out in a sustainable way, that is, being economically profitable, respectful of cultural and environmental resources and participative of the local populations. Possible shortcomings will also be analyzed.

  • The second module will be devoted to the implication and association of local civil society in the implementation of sustainable tourism projects. The module will be complemented by a case study, animated by the NGO Tetraktys, on two specific projects carried out in the Tamatave region of Madagascar.

  • Finally a third module will be devoted to the role of ICTs in tourism (e-tourism) and their role in local tourism promotion, social inclusion and entrepreneurship development.


French Région Rhônes-Alpes


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