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Workshop on the Integrated Framework: Lessons learned and the Enhanced IF
06 - 08 December 2006
Novotel, Avenue A. Fadiga

Key Issues

The Integrated Framework (IF) is a joint initiative between the IMF; the International Trade Centre; UNCTAD; UNDP; WTO; the World Bank; and bilateral and multilateral donors. Its aim is to support Least Developed Countries in their trade and trade-related activities.

In 2005, the WTO Ministerial Conference recognized the "urgent need to make the IF more effective and timely" (Para 48). A Task Force on IF Enhancement was established to provide recommendations to the Integrated Framework Steering committee (IFSC) by April 2006, with a view to have the IF enhancement enter into force by 31 December 2006. The recommendations have been endorsed by the IFSC and the WTO General Council and entrusted to a Transition Team to work out practical modalities for their implementation.

Main elements of the Enhanced IF:
  • Funding: increased, additional and predictable financial resources.

  • Country ownership: strengthened in-country capacities to manage, implement and monitor the IF process

  • Governance structure: ensuring effective and timely delivery of the increased financial resources and technical assistance.

The workshop will bring together LDCs´ national IF Focal Points, members of the transition team, donors and partner agencies. It will provide an opportunity to get inputs and feedback from the IF Countries, so that when the Enhanced IF is implemented - in early 2007 - it is results-oriented and attuned to the needs of the beneficiary countries.

Aim of the workshop:

  • Review the on-going work of the Transition Team on the enhancement of the IF.

  • Discuss how the three elements of the Enhanced IF may be implemented, based on the recommendations of the IF Task Force.

  • Review the initial findings of an UNCTAD study on the opportunities and challenges of mainstreaming trade into the development and poverty-reduction strategies of LDCs.


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