Training Workshop on Developing Sustainable Tourism through FDI promotion
06 - 09 April 2006
Royal Garden Hotel

Key Issues

The training workshop was the first activity of a technical assistance project to help the Silk Road Provinces of China to develop a strategy to attract FDI to enhance their tourism sector.

The workshop started with an overview of recent international and regional (Asia) trends in FDI. For 2005 Asia dominated the scene concentrating nearly a third of the total FDI ($573.2 billion) and China alone $60.3 billion.

The workshop introduced the participants to basic concepts for investing in tourism and implementing a national strategy to develop sustainable tourism, identifying the role that FDI can play.

Tools and techniques to develop and implement an investment promotion strategy for the tourism sector were presented. Participants worked together to develop a SWOT analysis for the Silk Road´s potential to generate investment in the tourism sector.


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