ASEAN-Japan Seminar on FDI: Sharing Japanese SMEs` Dynamism in ASEAN Integration
28 - 29 May 2007
Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

Key Issues

Since the signing of the framework for Comprehensive Economic Partnership (CEP) Agreement between ASEAN and Japan in 2003, ASEAN and Japan have been consulting on the negotiation process to advance their economic partnership.

The ASEAN-Japan Centre with support from the UNCTAD and ASEAN Secretariats, organized two high-level policy seminars (Tokyo in 2004 and Jakarta in 2005) and one capacity-building workshop (Tokyo in 2006).

This is the third high-level policy seminar to identify key issues and elements that could be considered in the negotiation framework for strengthening the ASEAN-Japan investment relationship and industrial linkages, leading to facilitation and promotion of FDI between the two.

The 2007 seminar will examine the characteristics and development of FDI by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and look into the case of Japanese SMEs` FDI in ASEAN countries. This will identify key elements of an action plan and policy options for ASEAN countries to increase the role of FDI by Japanese SMEs and benefit more from it.

The seminar will be attended by representatives from ASEAN member countries and Japan, including high-level officials of investment promotion offices and agencies and ministries responsible for FDI and SMEs.

The two-day seminar will be followed by a two-day field trip to visit Japanese SMEs.


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