Advisory and follow up mission to set up the WTO inter-ministerial task force, and launch of the preparatory work for the accession of Sao Tomé e Principe to the WTO
18 - 22 June 2007
Ministry of Economy and UNDP Office
Sao Tomé

Key Issues

As a follow up to the first national workshop on WTO accessions issues that took place in March 2007, UNCTAD is assisting in the set up of a WTO Unit within the Ministry of Economy, Trade Directorate of Sao Tomé e Principe, as well as the inter-ministerial task force.

As part of this mission, UNCTAD will:

  • Identify the future technical assistance activities to be provided by UNCTAD

  • Examine the Terms of Reference (ToR), and prepare a work plan for future training courses and study tours for trade officials

  • Identify a national consultant to support the inter-ministerial team in the preparation of the WTO accession required documents and data

  • Launch a joint UNDP/UNCTAD project aiming at strengthening the Trade directorate´s capacity in managing and conducting the WTO accession process and related trade policy reforms and formulation

UNCTAD experts will meet with the Minister of Trade and various other government officials.


UNCTAD Trust Fund for WTO accession (financed by Federal Republic of Germany)


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