Workshop on WTO dispute settlement procedures: WTO Agreements on Antidumping, Subsidies and Safeguards
04 - 06 September 2007

Key Issues

Based on the Course on Dispute Settlement in International Trade, Investment and Intellectual Property, specially compiled for UNCTAD by renowned scholars and experts, this workshop offers a general and up-to-date review of WTO dispute settlement procedures on commercial defense measures.

This event hosts a limited number of participants from member States of the OIC. The selection of the participants is based upon the professional qualifications of applicants, and the relevance of the workshop to the work and the career of the applicants.

Module 3.1 Overview
Module 3.6 Anti-Dumping Measures
Module 3.7 Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
Module 3.8 Safeguard Measures

The workshop activities are spread over a period of three working days. The teaching method is interactive and participatory, based on a combination of lectures, exercises and case studies.

The programme comprises lectures and exercises on substantive and procedural disciplines contained in the various agreements, and on the jurisprudence of the panels and Appellate Body of the WTO in respect thereto. Examination of key recent disputes and commercial practice is included.

Throughout, emphasis is given to the position of developing countries in general and those of the participating countries in particular.



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