National workshop on domestic support in agriculture in the context of Bosnia´s WTO accession negotiations
10 - 12 October 2007

Key Issues

In the context of UNCTAD´s assistance to Bosnia for its WTO accession negotiations, the Bosnian authorities have requested a technical workshop focusing exclusively on the issue of domestic support in agriculture negotiations.

To meet the demands of Bosnia, the workshop will cover the following issues:

  1. Overview of WTO rules on domestic support (e.g. explanation of the three "boxes" in the field of agriculture subsidies...)

  2. Commitments of acceding countries (e.g. what are the commitments of the recently acceded countries in comparison with those of existing members)

  3. Challenges faced by Bosnia &Herzegovina in the agricultural negotiations, in the light of its specific relations and ties with the EU

  4. Situation of the domestic support at the level of the entities (Republika Serbska, District Brcko)

  5. State of play of domestic support in Bosnia Herzegovina

  6. State of play of domestic support in the EU

  7. Possible way forward for domestic support in Bosnia Herzegovina

The third day of the workshop will be dedicated to a practical exercise to assist members of Bosnian team in the preparation of the document for the upcoming plurilateral meetings in Geneva.


UNCTAD Trust Fund on accession financed by the Federal Republic of Germany


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