UNCTAD/UNDP Training on Economic Diplomatic Skills: Economic diplomacy and trade-related diplomatic notes
03 - 05 November 2007

Key Issues

In the context of UNCTAD´s assistance to Least Developed Countries, the Bangladeshi authorities have requested the local office of UNDP to organize various workshops to train Bangladeshi diplomats and trade and legal officials.

This third event of the assistance programme will be dedicated to civil servants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will highlight the role of diplomatic drafting in international trade negotiations.

Among other issues, the workshop will focus on:

  • The process of international trade-related negotiations

  • The role of diplomatic notes in international trade negotiations, with analysis of concrete examples

  • A practical session on the drafting of diplomatic notes

  • An overview of major trade-related databases

Along with the other activities scheduled within this assistance programme, this workshop will contribute to the capacity of Bangladesh to negotiate international trade agreements.


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