unctad.org | International seminar on Moving Towards Gender Sensitisation of Trade Policy
International seminar on Moving Towards Gender Sensitisation of Trade Policy
25 - 27 February 2008
Hotel Le Meridien
New Delhi

Key Issues

The seminar will provide a forum to international trade and gender experts, policy makers, academia and civil society to discuss gender concerns in the context of trade liberalization and globalisation, with particular reference to India and generally to developing countries.

Recent research undertaken by UNCTAD/DFID/India Project and experiences in other countries, reveal that women are important stakeholders in the process of trade-led growth and development. This must be recognized and harnessed by the Government as part of the broad trade-policy formulation strategy for integrating women into the international trading system and improving their livelihood.

Trade liberalization and globalization needs to be made more gender-inclusive. Gender sensitization of trade policy needs to be taken seriously at the international level so that appropriate support measures can be provided to increase opportunities for integrating the gender dimension into trade and development more effectively.

The primary objective of the international seminar is to sensitize stakeholders, policy makers and experts about trade and gender linkages in India and globally.

It is hoped that insights emerging from the seminar will have an impact on negotiators and policy-makers so that trade policy formulation becomes sensitive to gender concerns for trade and development.

The seminar falls within UNCTAD´s wider efforts to promote pro-poor approaches to trade and development.


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