unctad.org | International Conference: How are the poor affected by trade?
International Conference: How are the poor affected by trade?
14 - 16 October 2008
The Park Hotel ( Hall Mantra)
New Delhi

Key Issues

The growing volumes of international trade and lowering of the tariff barriers have triggered a continuing debate on the impact of trade and trade liberalization on poverty.

The three-day conference will:

  • Discuss the findings of recent research on trade-poverty linkages in India, conducted by UNCTAD through its project in India.

  • Deliberate on research on this issue in other countries.

  • Identify policy directions which emerge in ensuring that trade leads to poverty reduction.

A detailed study on the trade-poverty nexus in India, carried out under the UNCTAD/DFID/India project and entitled: "How are the poor affected by international trade in India: An empirical approach", will be used as the main document for this conference.

The conference will be attended by the international community of researchers, policy makers, practitioners, civil societies and trade specialists.

The focus on trade and poverty is also a direct response to mandates provided in the Accra Accord of UNCTAD XII, as regards UNCTAD´s contribution towards addressing the opportunities and challenges of globalization for development to ensure that trade liberalization promote fully inclusive growth, development and poverty reduction.


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