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Empretec Directors Meeting – 2008
20 - 21 November 2008
Centro de Exposições Imigrantes
São Paulo

Key Issues

The 15th Empretec Directors´ Meeting will tak place within the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week that is the first worldwide celebration of enterprise, which aims to unleash enterprising ideas and address some of society´s biggest issues, from poverty reduction through to climate change.

The Meeting aims to provide an overview of the on-going activities of the EMPRETEC programme, to reinforce the strategy of the EMPRETEC centers and to expand the global EMPRETEC network.

Empretec Directors from 27 countries worldwide will gather to present their work, share experiences, discuss and draft an action plan for 2009.

The meeting is hosted by SEBRAE in São Paulo, Brazil, in connection with an International Meeting of Entrepreneurs that will provide an opportunity for networking.



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