Workshop for COMESA member countries on understanding services trade and negotiating services trade liberalization agreements
18 - 21 February 2008

Key Issues

The workshop was organized jointly by UNCTAD and the COMESA Secretariat in the context of its current regional integration efforts, and in particular the negotiations of a Services Protocol between COMESA member states.

Discussions covered the following issues:

  • The global services environment

  • An introduction to GATS principles and obligations, 3) Regional approaches to services liberalization and negotiations

  • RTAs and the multilateral trading system

  • An update on GATS negotiations

UNCTAD also offered technical advice during the negotiations.

COMESA member states and the Secretariat, greatly appreciated UNCTAD´s contributions and also requested the Organization to provide further capacity building activities, as well as research inputs on specific areas.

UNCTAD was also requested on a bilateral level to assist in capacity building and impact assessment at the national level by certain COMESA member states.


DFID Project on Trade in Services


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