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Workshop on policies and instruments for successful exports
21 - 22 April 2009
Room G1, New Academic Complex, University of Mauritius

Key Issues

The global financial crisis has caused slowdown in almost all countries of the world - and among the most affected sectors are those relying on exports. It is in this context that the University of Mauritius, in collaboration with the UNCTAD Virtual Institute and other partners, is organizing a workshop on policies and instruments for successful exports.

The objective of the workshop is to build capacity to better understand the nature of international trade and all the instruments, including policies, related to trade.

Among the issues covered (for details, see the workshop prospectus) will be:

  • Current multilateral and regional trade negotiations and possible opportunities.

  • Measures that facilitate trade and transport to international markets.

  • Most recent development in trade finance.

  • Tools allowing to conduct analysis of potential export markets.

The target audience of the 2-day workshop is trade and economic analysts, university lecturers, members of Chambers of commerce, researchers, exporters, staff of export associations and Masters level students from Mauritius and the English-speaking Africa countries.

Resource persons from UNCTAD´s divisions on investment, trade, and technology and logistics will contribute to the event.


For registrations (at a fee of Rs 8´000)

please contact Ms. K. Jogarah




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