Workshop on the Interface between Competition and Trade Challenges in the framework of DR-CAFTA
22 - 23 April 2009
Santo Domingo

Key Issues

Regional integration efforts in the Caribbean have been intensified. Preferential trade agreements, such as DR-CAFTA and the recently signed Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union, have become a major instrument of trade policy reforms and further integration in the region. However, cross border anti-competitive practices may negate the benefits of trade liberalisation and regional integration efforts. Anti-competitive practices at the regional level might be effectively tackled through regional cooperation on competition policy.

Competition law and policy is commonly a salient element of trade agreements as it aims at guaranteeing a level playing field for doing business. Free trade agreements require coherence between trade and competition policy objectives to be effectively implemented.

The workshop will elaborate on the interface between trade and competition and focus on the following topics:

  • The role of competition policy in trade and regional integration,
  • The interface between competition policy and anti-dumping,
  • The Interface between competition policy and subsidies and countervailing measures,
  • The implication of cooperation on competition policy in DR-CAFTA and EPA for Dominican Republic.

The participants will include government officials from relevant government bodies working in the following areas: Trade, unfair trade practices, trade negotiations, exports, investment, agriculture and customs.


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