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Regional Course on Key Issues on the International Economic Agenda for Asia and the Pacific
02 - 20 November 2009
Non-aligned Movement Centre (NAM Centre)

Key Issues

The course will focus on the links between trade, investment, finance and development, including in the context of international trade negotiations.

Its aims are:

  • To enhance the understanding of the interrelationships among these areas and their link to countries´ development strategies; and

  • To provide participants with knowledge and skills for the design and implementation of trade and development policies, as well as for trade negotiations corresponding to the needs and interests of their countries.

The course syllabus will draw on UNCTAD´s analytical work and the lessons learned from its technical cooperation activities, with input from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, as well as national experts.

The course is mainly aimed at government officials in ministries and institutions dealing with trade, investment, finance and development issues, and involved in formulating and implementing national trade and development policies. Academics from research institutions and universities working on international economic issues are also encouraged to apply.

UNCTAD member States from the Asia and Pacific region are invited to nominate qualified candidates, who will be examined by an UNCTAD selection committee. Nominations will be accepted until 11 September 2009.

Member States and successful candidates will be notified of the selection committee´s decision by 21 September 2009.

Member States are encouraged to nominate more than one candidate per country, in which case they may wish to rank the candidates. The selection committee will take this ranking into consideration, provided that the preferred candidate meets the eligibility criteria. Candidates will be considered only if the guidelines and application procedures are followed properly.


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