Occupied Palestinian territory launches UNCTAD web-based system for customs management, ASYCUDA WORLD
10 August 2009
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Key Issues

As part of UNCTAD´s programme of technical assistance to the Palestinian people, this ceremony is intended to announce the launching of UNCTAD’s web-based system ASYCUDA WROLD to serve as the backbone of the Palestinian customs administration. The launching of this state-of-the-art system marks the final phase of UNCTAD’s programme for modernizing Palestinian Customs, which as has been underway since 2000 as part of the strategic vision for building the institutions required for the envisioned Palestinian State.

The ceremony is held under the patronage of Salam Fayyad, Palestinian Authority Prime Minster and Minister of Finance, with the participation of the European Commission and UNCTAD representatives.


ASYCUDA project funded by the European Commission


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