Workshop on Dispute Settlement: Arbitration and Mediation of Intellectual Property Disputes
23 - 25 November 2009
Guangzhou, Guangdong

Key Issues

This workshop is based on the Course on Dispute Settlement in International Trade, Investment and Intellectual Property, specially compiled for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development by renowned scholars and experts.

The teaching method will be interactive and participatory, based on a combination of lectures, exercises and case studies.

The main course materials are:

  • Chapter 1. General Topics (Module 1.3 - Permanent Court of Arbitration)
  • Chapter 4. World Intellectual Property Organization
  • Chapter 5. International Commercial Arbitration

Examination of recent cases and commercial practice is included.

Course materials may be downloaded AT NO COST from the website /dispute

The programme includes an interactive Panel discussion on Challenges and Opportunities of Institutional and Ad Hoc Arbitration of IP cases:

  • Criteria for selecting the most appropriate institution
  • Criteria for selecting the place of arbitration: evaluation of advantages and disadvantages
  • Reputation building: do´s and don´ts for arbitrators and institutions

The event hosts a limited number of participants.



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