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Training session on Cybersecurity in Tunisia
22 - 26 November 2010

Key Issues

A one-week training session on Cybersecurity will be organized jointly by the Tunisian National Agency for Computer Security (NACS) and UNCTAD´s Network of Centres of Excellence.

12 English-speaking African engineers will be selected to attend the training session in Hammamet.

Candidates with the required profile should submit their application no later than 10 October 2010. Below you can download the course announcement, the application form and the programme.

The session will deal not only with a variety of technical aspects of cybercrime and computer security, but also with broader challenges and related policies.

NACS is in charge of implementing the Tunisian national strategy for ICT security.

Training session delivered by:
Science, Technology and ICT Branch,
Division on Technology and Logistics.


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