Workshop on Financing Coffee and Cocoa Marketing in Cameroon: Role of Warehouse Receipt System and Inventory Credit
05 - 06 October 2010
Hotel Framotel

Key Issues

In the framework of the EU-funded All ACP Agricultural Commodities Progarmme (AAACP), UNCTAD is in charge of the project of improving coffee and cocoa value chain finance in Cameroon.

As the first step of the project, a study was commissioned by UNCTAD. The study assessed current conditions of sectors´ development, identified gaps and bottlenecks in the coffee/cocoa sectors´ financing, especially those related to access to credit for smallholders and cooperatives, and provide recommendations on how to improve coffee/cocoa financing in Cameroon and the strategic activities aiming to establish necessary capacities for the sectors´ development.

The main objectives of the workshop include: examining the outcome of the study and identifying follow-up activities, enhancing synergies with other on-going initiatives in the coffee and cocoa sectors, and increasing awareness and knowledge on warehouse receipt system and inventory credit.

The workshop is bringing together representatives from the Government of Cameroon, main actors in the coffee and cocoa sectors, financial institutions, experts and development partners.


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