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UNCTAD/UNITAR workshop on conference diplomacy
04 - 05 November 2010
Room XXVI, Palais des Nations

Key Issues

Governments and international organizations and non-governmental organizations use multilateral conferences to achieve policy objectives. Understanding UNCTAD´s mandate and work is crucial to help States´ representatives in identifying and addressing economic development problems.

This is the first in a series of three workshops intended to help prepare delegates for various intergovernmental processes in UNCTAD.

  • First workshop will focus on general knowledge of UNCTAD and its machinery, and on informal processes to facilitate consensus-building.

  • Second workshop (early in 2011) will focus on formal processes.

  • Third workshop, (early in 2012) will focus on agenda setting and follow-up to agreements reached by intergovernmental processes.

The workshop is open to members of Permanent Missions in Geneva, especially those who are new to a multilateral environment and responsible for UNCTAD issues.

Participants who complete the workshop in its entirety will earn a Certificate of Accomplishment, awarded jointly by UNCTAD and UNITAR.
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[Closing date for applications: 29 October 2010]




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