unctad.org | Resolution of Debt Crises: The Policy and Research Agenda
Resolution of Debt Crises: The Policy and Research Agenda
11 February 2011
Columbia University, Uris Building
New York

Key Issues

In both the most recent UN General Assembly resolution on external debt sustainability and development, and in the Outcome Document of the 2009 UN Conference on the Global Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development, member states expressed their interest in exploring enhanced approaches to sovereign debt restructuring and debt resolution mechanisms.

It is in this vein that UNCTAD and the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) are organizing this seminar at Columbia University.

The Seminar will focus on the strategies adopted to handle debt crises and will gather prominent experts in the areas of both economics and law to discuss various aspects of research and policy agenda related to the resolution of debt crises.

On this occasion, the participants will concentrate on the three following aspects: the pros and cons of a sovereign insolvency mechanism, the ways to handle the current Eurozone crisis and the use of legal instruments in future debt restructuring.



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