Training Course on Modelling the Palestinian economy: Macroeconomic, Trade and Labour Policy Options
10 - 14 April 2011
The Palestinian central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

Key Issues

A mission from UNCTAD´s program of Assistance to the Palestinian People will conduct a one-week training program.

The goal is to contribute to building the prerequisite capacities of the future Palestinian state by enhancing the capacity of the Palestinian Authority, and that of other Palestinian agencies and research institutions, to utilize econometric models for policy-making and the assessment of the impact of alternative economic strategies.

The training course will be conducted in association with the Palestinian central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and will focus on modelling the Palestinian economy using the new version of UNCTAD´s macroeconometic model: Integrated Framework for Palestinian Macroeconomic, Trade and Labour Policy - IFS.

The course will be attended by staff from the PCBS, the Ministries of National Economy, Finance, Planning, Labour, the Palestinian Monetary Authority and the Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS).

The focus will be on macroeconomic, labour and trade policy-making with emphasis on the type of policies that can be pursued to accelerate economic growth and employment generation.

The programme will make quantitative assessments of the impact of alternative economic policies, as well as foreign aid, within an integrated analytical framework based on UNCTAD´s computerized macroeconometric model of Palestinian economy.



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