Launch of the second cycle: Module 1 of UNCTAD Port Training Programme
11 - 15 July 2011
Takoradi Port

Key Issues

Twenty-six port specialists will be participating in Module 1 of the Modern Port Management course to be held in Takoradi, Ghana.

The event marks the beginning of the second cycle of UNCTAD TrainForTrade Port Training Programme in Ghana after the successful completion of the first cycle in Tema.

Mr. Vincent Valentine, OiC of UNCTAD´s Transport Section, will be delivering the first module of the course along with local instructors from Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority.

During the workshop, participants will have access to the UNCTAD TrainForTrade learning platform and will be learning about the background data that are used to deal with key management and development issues of a commercial port.

The major focus of this module is on international trade and transport.

TrainForTrade is a programme of the UNCTAD Division on Technology and Logistics.


Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority; Dublin Port Company; Irish Aid


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