Port training programme for local port communities in Ghana: Module 4 Future challenges to Ports
06 - 10 February 2012
Takoradi Port training room

Key Issues

Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), in collaboration with UNCTAD, will train 28 middle managers from the local port communities on Module 4 of the UNCTAD/TrainForTrade Port Training Programme: Future Challenges to Ports.

The training will be delivered by local instructors, of whom many of them have been successfully trained by UNCTAD/TrainForTrade during the previous cycle of the programme.

The module aims to:

  • Improve trainees´ understanding of strategies to create new competitive advantages for the port.
  • Reinforce port safety and improve the health of staff members.
  • Put into place environmental protection policies.
  • Implement quality management.

The training will be held in Takoradi, Ghana.

TrainForTrade is a programme of the UNCTAD Division on Technology and Logistics.



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