Expert Meeting of LDCs: Challenges and Opportunities for LDCs - Graduation and Structural Transformation
27 February - 01 March 2012
Addis Ababa

Key Issues

The meeting is part of the ongoing work of UNCTAD in undertaking sector specific and country case studies in several LDCs with a view to tracking socio-economic progress at the national level.

The country cases and sector specific studies provided useful insights into the most important trade and development challenges as well as policy actions to address at the national, regional and international levels.

The studies also assisted in organizing meetings of senior experts in Arusha (Tanzania) in 2008, Kampala (Uganda) in 2009 and a special event on commodities during the fourth United Nations Conference on LDCs in Istanbul (Turkey) in May 2011.

Purpose of the event

The main objective of the meeting in Addis Ababa is to set a stage for the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA), with a focus on meeting the agreed objective of enabling half of the LDCs to meet the graduation criteria by 2020.

It will particularly deliberate on key issues of strategic interest for LDCs and assess the challenges, opportunities and prospects for graduation.

Expected outcome

The final outcome of the meeting will assist the participation of the least developed countries in the 13th session of the United Nations conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD XIII), due to take place in Doha, Qatar, from 21 to 26 April 2012.


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