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Trade and Development Board, Forty-fourth session
13 - 23 October 1997

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The Trade and Development Board held its forty-fourth session from 13 to 23 October 1997 chaired by H.E. Ambassador Goce Petreski (The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). The session was the second regular session of the Board since UNCTAD IX, held in Midrand, South Africa, in April/May 1996.

The Board focused, among other things, on the following:
  • Interdependence (income distribution and growth)
  • the Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the 1990s
  • the United Nations New Agenda for the Development of Africa in the 1990s

A segment for high-level participation on “Globalization, Competition, Competitiveness and Dvelopment” was convened for one day on Thursday, 23 October 1997. The discussions were moderated by Jan Pronk, Minister of Development Cooperation of the Netherlands. For this event a note by the UNCTAD secretariat is circulated in TD/B/44/15.

Its afternoon session was held jointly with the General Assembly’s, Second Committee in New York. This is the first time ever that two United Nations Intergovernmental bodies have met via videoconference. The debate focused on the implications of electronic commerce for developing countries and the establishment of practical "partnerships for development" with the private business community and civil society.

During the High Level Segment the initiative “Partners for Development” was launched by Mr. Rubens Ricupero, Secretary-General of UNCTAD and Mr. André Soulier, Deputy Mayor of Lyon, France, and Member of the European Parliament. "Markets and Development" will be the theme of the first meeting of "Partners for Development" which will be hosted by the city of Lyon from 9 to 12 November 1998 on the invitation of its Mayor, Mr. Raymond Barre, former Prime Minister of France.

The eighth Raúl Prebisch lecture on “GLOBALIZATION, SOCIAL CONFLICT AND ECONOMIC GROWTH” took place on 24 October 1997. It was delivered by Dani Rodrik, Rafiq Hariri Professor of International Political Economy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

All communications concerning representation should be sent to the UNCTAD secretariat, Intergovernmental Support Services, Palais des Nations, CH 1211 Geneva 10, (Tel: +41 22 917 48 15; Fax: +41 22 907 00 56; e-mail: awni.behnam@unctad.org).


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