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Trade and Development Board, Thirtieth executive session
02 - 04 December 2002

Key Issues



As part of its research and policy analysis, the UNCTAD secretariat periodically publishes the Least Developed Countries Report, which analyses recent economic and social trends in LDCs, as well as contributing to the discussion of thematic issues of significance to these countries. The Least Developed Countries Report 2002, entitled "Escaping the Poverty Trap", focuses on the nature and dynamics of poverty in LDCs and on policy options for more effective poverty reduction.

At its nineteenth special session, held from 29 April to 2 May, in Bangkok, the Trade and Development Board decided that "…following the publication of the Least Developed Countries Report, an executive session of the Board on LDCs, not exceeding three days will meet to discuss the report…"

Pursuant to this decision, the Board will hold its first executive session on LDCs from 2 to 4 December 2002 to discuss the Least Developed Countries Report 2002. The session will open at 10 a.m. on Monday, 2 December, in Room XX of the Palais des Nations, Geneva.

The objectives of the session are:

  • To make a substantive contribution to the policy debate on poverty reduction strategies, identifying policy measures, at both the national and the international level, which can enable LDCs to escape the poverty trap.

  • To promote consensus on national and international policies for effective polices of poverty reduction in the LDCs.

  • To encourage the wider dissemination and discussion of key messages of the LDC Report 2002 among policy makers from both LDCs and their development partners.

Permanent representatives of States members of the Board are requested to inform the Secretary-General of UNCTAD by Monday, 25 November 2002, of their intention to attend, or alternatively, to indicate the name and designation of their representative.

All communications concerning representation should be sent to the UNCTAD secretariat, Intergovernmental Support Service, Palais des Nations, CH 1211 Geneva 10 (fax: +41(0)22 917 0056; e-mail: unctad.meetings.services@unctad.org).

Chris MacFarquhar
Intergovernmental Support Service
11 November 2002


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