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Expert Meeting on the Impact of Anti-dumping and Countervailing Actions
04 - 06 December 2000

Key Issues



At the consultations of the President of the Trade and Development Board with the Bureau, coordinators and interested delegations (31 March 2000), member States decided to convene an Expert Meeting on the Impact of Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Actions. The decision was made in accordance with the UNCTAD X Plan of Action (TD/386), paragraph 132: AUNCTAD´s work should relate first to analysis and, where appropriate, on the basis of the analysis, contribute to consensus-building on: ... Impact of anti-dumping and countervailing duties actions".

The Meeting will be held from 4 to 6 December 2000 in the Palais des Nations, Geneva. The provisional agenda, together with the secretariat´s annotation thereto, is being circulated as document TD/B/COM.1/EM.14/1.

The Meeting will involve an exchange of experiences among the experts as to the impact of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on trade, and it will focus on identifying elements of a possible consensus as to how this impact, particularly on the trade of developing countries, could be reduced.

To facilitate the experts´ discussions, the UNCTAD secretariat will circulate a background note as document TD/B/COM.1/EM.14/2. Discussions at the meeting would also be facilitated by additional background material provided by other international organizations such as WTO. Experts participating in the Meeting are requested to make a written contribution, with respect particularly to their specific experiences in the field of the subject matter.

Member States of UNCTAD are requested to nominate experts at an early date. Experts, who will participate in the Meeting in their personal capacities, are expected to have proven expertise in the subject, and may be selected from the academic world, the public and private sectors and NGOs. It is hoped that participants in the Expert Meeting will represent a balance among the various interest groups involved in anti-dumping and countervailing actions, including officials from government investigating authorities, petitioners, respondents, private practitioners, importers and officials from exporting countries. Private sector experts could include executives from firms which have been subject to anti-dumping or countervailing actions.

With regard to financing the participation of developing country experts in UNCTAD expert meetings in accordance with Trade and Development Board decision 456 (XLV), Governments of developing countries are requested to nominate one expert as a possible beneficiary of financing for this expert meeting. Nominations should be received at least four weeks before the meeting, and they should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the nominee, his or her address, phone number and fax number or e-mail address, and the name of a contact person in the Geneva mission. The Secretary-General of UNCTAD will base his decision as to which experts should receive financing on the principle of equitable geographical representation, beneficiary needs and the expertise of the experts concerned. Once the list of experts has been finalized, the Secretary-General will have all travel arrangements made in accordance with United Nations financial rules and regulations, though in order to cover as many experts as possible, use of the least costly travel fare will be authorized.

Upon arrival, participants are requested, before entering the Palais des Nations, to collect their badge at the UN Security Service, Villa Les Feuillantines, 13 Avenue de la Paix (close to the main entrance to the Palais on the Place des Nations, on the opposite side of the road). The Security Service is open from 8:00 to 17:00 hrs. (non-stop). It is advisable to arrive by 9:00 hrs. to complete procedures and reach the meeting in good time. Walking from Villa Les Feuillantines to the E-Building of the Palais (Batiment E) takes about 10 minutes. Participants are advised to carry a passport or similar identification document on them.

States members of UNCTAD wishing to nominate experts to the Meeting are requested to do so by 1 November 2000. Specialized agencies and intergovernmental bodies wishing to participate in the session, as well as non-governmental organizations in the General Category and those in Special Category wishing to participate as observers, are requested to inform the UNCTAD secretariat of the names of their representatives by the same date.

All communications concerning representation at the Meeting should be sent to: the UNCTAD secretariat, Intergovernmental Support Services, Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10 (tel: +4122 907 5007; fax: +4122 907 0056, e-mail: correspondence@unctad.org). All other enquiries should be addressed to Mr. Xiaobing Tang, tel: +41 22 907 58 68, fax: +41 22 907 00 44, e-mail: xiaobing.tang@unctad.org.

Rubens Ricupero
Secretary-General of UNCTAD
19 May 2000


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