Symposium on the State of Play of the WTO and FTAA Negotiations
04 - 06 August 2003
Sao Paulo

Key Issues

During the Symposium on Trade Negotiations organised by UNCTAD and the University of Campinas on 4-6 August 2003, the Secretary-General signed a Memorandum of Understanding that provides for UNCTAD support to the new postgraduate course on Economic Diplomacy being launched by that University.

The syllabus of the Economic Diplomacy Course is based on the UNCTAD Course on the Key Issues of the International Economic Agenda (p.166 of the Bangkok Plan of Action). UNCTAD documents and research work constitute the basic training materials of the course. A group of fifteen professors of the University of Campinas will deliver the one-year course.

This is the first time a University of a developing country launches a regular course based on UNCTAD topics and on the customisation, by the local academic staff, of UNCTAD analytical inputs on trade and development.

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