UNCTAD/World Bank Conference on Competition Policy, Competitiveness, and Investment in a Global Economy
10 - 12 May 2004
Royal Palm Hotel
Dar es Salaam

Key Issues

The general objective of the conference is to analyse the relationship between competition, productivity, competitiveness, economic growth and poverty reduction - what is/is not known - and review the state of competition policy in Eastern and Southern Africa. Specific objectives include:

  1. to review the nature of public and private restraints to domestic and international competition;
  2. to analyse the extent to which the existing institutional framework (liberalization of trade, investment, licensing, entry-exit of firms, competition law-policy, and their inter-face, effectiveness and limitations) provides adequate instruments (policies, laws, skills, and institutions) to promote competition;
  3. to appraise the actual functioning of the regime, in particular through the discussion of selected case studies in the region and elsewhere;
  4. to provide recommendations on how best to incorporate competition policy into broad-based investment and PSD promotion policies; and
  5. to evaluate instruments for international cooperation, capacity, and institution building.

It will be organized around papers, analytical country and sector specific case examples, and participatory round-table discussions on key topics. It is expected that 50-75 persons (senior government officials, policy analysts, private sector business, representatives from civil society, NGOs, research and academic institutions, and other relevant groups) from the host country and the region will attend.

Related events: Regional Workshop on Competition Law and Policy for Arab Country members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference
Khartoum, 27–28 May 2004


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UNCTAD and The World Bank Group
in cooperation with the European Commission


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