Third Intensive Training Session for Negotiators of International Investment Agreements from Asia and the Pacific
15 - 23 July 2004
Research Center on Transnational Corporations, Nankai University

Key Issues

This intensive training session will allow negotiators of international investment agreements (IIA) to delve deeply into key issues related to the negotiation of such agreements.

Based on the UNCTAD series on "Issues in International Investment Agreements", it includes a pre distance-learning course and is presented in four modules (brief overview of FDI and development; key concepts and substantive issues relevant to the negotiation of IIAs; advanced discussion of procedural issues relevant to the negotiation of IIAs; and simulation exercises of negotiations of investment agreements, including through the sharing of experiences with negotiators of existing IIAs). Therefore, the course provides for capacity building, both in terms of substantive knowledge and negotiating skills.


UNCTAD Trust Fund on International Investment Agreements


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