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16 February 2006

Building on existing Caribbean talents in music, film, and other creative industries can help countries of the region add jobs and raise incomes - that is the message of a seminar titled "From Creativity to the Creative Economy - How to Get the Business of Culture into the Mainstream Media". The seminar, to be staged jointly by UNCTAD, the Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA), and Jamaica´s Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (JAMPRO), will be held in Kingston, Jamaica, from 23-24 February. Journalists and other media professionals from the region will attend.

The UNCTAD portion of the programme will include an overview on how developing countries can use the creative industries to increase trade and raise living standards - a form of increased commerce that also can benefit importing developed countries. UNCTAD will summarize the challenges and opportunities involved in expanding creative industries; the focus will be on music, film, and multi-media services - areas where the Caribbean region has existing talent and is judged to enjoy some comparative advantages.

One intent of the seminar is to allow journalists to meet with policy makers, trade officials, and businessmen -- especially entrepreneurs involved in creative work. UNCTAD regards the media as part of the creative economy, and journalists can play a significant role in promoting music, film, and other creative industries. It is hoped that the seminar will help shape a robust public debate about the potential the creative industries have for helping Caribbean nations develop. Articles, films, documentaries, and TV programmes on the topic can help raise political and business awareness of how to foster the creative sector.

While in Jamaica, UNCTAD officials will attend the Prime Minister´s Business Development Forum on 23 February, and an UNCTAD representative will participate in a panel discussion at the forum on the creative industries. The forum´s theme is "Today´s Strength, Tomorrow´s Success". The event is being organized by JAMPRO, and the creative industries have been selected as the number one priority for new investments and expanded business in the country. The aim is to inform local, regional, and international investors about the wealth of investment opportunities available in Jamaica. The forum is seen as an opportunity to reposition Jamaica and the Caribbean region as a preferred business and trade partner by highlighting the country´s and region´s strengths and advantages for international markets.

For more information, please contact:
UNCTAD Press Office
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