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The flagship reports published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) this year contain the most recent and relevant economic data, as well as strategically important recommendations for the international community as it faces the challenge of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) against a background of retreating support for free trade, globalization and multilateralism

The majority of the reports mentioned below will have their main launch in Geneva with UNCTAD Secretary-General, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, presiding. Other press conferences will be organized in various countries selected by theme, and in some cases, we plan to hold online press conferences.

All documents will be available in our virtual newsroom, one week before the embargo is lifted.

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World Investment Report 2016World Investment Report 2017

 Investment and the Digital Economy

The Report will present foreign direct investment (FDI) trends and prospects at global, regional and national levels. With the subtitle Investment and the Digital Economy, the Report will investigate the internationalization patterns of digital multinational enterprises, as well as the effect of digitalization on global companies across all industries. It will provide insights to policymakers on how the digital economy impacts investment policies and how investment policy can support digital development, with a view towards achieving the SDGs.

The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 7 June 2017.

Economic Development in Africa Report 2016Economic Development in Africa Report 2017
The Report will examine the role that tourism can play in Africa’s development process. The Report will argues that tourism can be an engine for inclusive growth and economic development and that it can complement development strategies aimed at fostering economic diversification and structural transformation within the right policy context.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 5 July 2017.
Report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian PeopleReport on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian People

The Report will scrutinize significant developments in the economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and its long-term prospects, as well as looking at Israel’s policies and associated obstacles to trade and development in the OPT.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT  12 September 2017.
Trade and Development Report 2016Trade and Development Report 2017

The Report will review the global economic performance over the past year, and will examine the topic of inclusive growth. The Report links the issues of globalization, inequality and growth, with the SDGs, specifically, SDGs 1, 8 and 10, which define the inclusive growth agenda in the 2030 framework, as well as through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, macroeconomic aspects of gender issues, and the rise of rentier capitalism. The Report will end with a chapter suggesting a global policy approach to address these issues.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 14 September 2017.
                Information Economy Report 2017

The Report will examine how increased digitalization is influencing international trade and what the implications might be for developing countries. It will provide an update on prevailing digital divides and examine the early stages of the New Digital Economy which will eventually influence virtually all value chains. The Report will build on UNCTAD’s earlier work on information and communications technology and e-commerce for development, new statistical analysis and contributions from leading experts, and will conclude with concrete policy recommendations. .
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 2 October 2017.
Review of Maritime Transport 2016Review of Maritime Transport 2017

The Review, in keeping with previous issues since 1968, will contain a wealth of analysis and unique data. The Review is a recognized United Nations source of statistics and analysis on seaborne trade, the world fleet, freight costs, port traffic and the latest trends in the legal and regulatory environment for international maritime transport. This year’s edition will include a special chapter on maritime transport networks and connectivity.
The Review is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT  25 October 2017.
Least Developed Countries Report 2016Least Developed Countries Report 2017

The Report will discuss the role of access to modern energy (electricity and clean non-solid fuels) in structural transformation for sustainable development and poverty eradication in the LDCs, and how its effectiveness can be boosted. The Report will analyse the current and prospective energy mix of LDCs, and its relationship with climate change mitigation, and discusses the related technology policies and technical assistance needs of LDCs. It will also analyse the financing needs of these countries in view of the projected future energy requirements, and concludes with a discussion of policy alternatives.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 22 November 2017.

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