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The flagship reports published by UNCTAD this year are particularly important for two reasons. Firstly, they contain strategically important recommendations as the international community faces many challenges, including implementation of the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were adopted in September 2015 and which aim to transform the world by 2030. Secondly, these reports are produced against the background of the fourteenth quadrennial ministerial conference of UNCTAD being held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 17-22 July 2016 and about which I will contact you in due course.

The reports are also packed with the most recent and relevant economic data.

The majority of the reports will have a principal launch in Geneva with UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi presiding. The Economic Development in Africa Report will be presented on 21 July as part of a day dedicated to Africa at UNCTAD14. Other press conferences will be organized in various countries selected by theme. In some cases, we plan to hold online press conferences.

All documents will be available in our virtual newsroom, one week before the embargo is lifted.

For further information, please contact Press Unit, +41.22.917.58.28, +41.79.502.43.11,

World Investment Report 2016World Investment Report 2016

The Report examines international production by multinational enterprises (including sales, exports, employment and value added), as well as their ownership structures and control of affiliates. In a novel analysis, the report focuses on how policymakers can distinguish between "domestic" and "foreign" companies in a globalized economy and provides with a new framework for handling ownership issues in 21st century investment policymaking. This is because many government policies, such as those on the local content of foreign investment deals, economic sanctions, and preventing businesses from "treaty shopping" for tax planning reasons, require policymakers to know the ultimate origin of investors. The report also analyses global trends in foreign direct investment and prospects for 2016-2018.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 21 June 2016.
Economic Development in Africa Report 2016Economic Development in Africa Report 2016:
Debt Dynamics and the Financing of Africa's Sustainable Development
The Report focuses on how Africa can avoid the risk of debt distress, especially that arising from external debt, and other initiatives such as public-private partnerships, while raising much needed development finance. It also considers the roles that Africa's governments, external partners and the international community can play in ensuring that Africa's public debt remains sustainable.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 21 July 2016.

Report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian PeopleReport on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian People

The Report critically analyses key developments in the economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and its long-term prospects, as well as focusing on Israeli policies and related obstacles to trade and development in the OPT.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT  6 September 2016.
Trade and Development Report 2016Trade and Development Report 2016:
Structural Transformation for Inclusive and Sustained Growth
The Report examines one of the big policy challenges at the centre of the 2030 development agenda: how to establish strong linkages and complementarities across the range of productive sectors needed to establish a virtuous circle of rising and shared prosperity. The report will address such issues as the "middle income trap", "premature deindustrialization" and the "natural resource curse" through an examination of trade specialization, investment financing and the effective use of industrial policies.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 21 September 2016.

Review of Maritime Transport 2016Review of Maritime Transport 2016

The Review will have a special focus on opportunities for developing countries arising from their participation in maritime transport. The proportion of developing countries both as users and providers of international maritime transport services is growing and of increasing importance for their development prospects. The review is the main UN publication on seaborne trade, the world's fleet, freight costs, port traffic, maritime connectivity and the relevant legal and regulatory framework.
The Review will be launched  7 November 2016.

Least Developed Countries Report 2016Least Developed Countries Report 2016

The Report shows the present and future pertinence of the LDC category and analyses the process of graduating from it. Since the category was established in 1971, the number of LDCs has doubled and only a few countries have been re-categorized. Graduation, rather than an end in itself, should be seen by LDCs and their development partners as a first step in a much longer development process. The report says that international and domestic policymakers need to take into account a longer-term perspective and the track record of graduation so far in order for countries to achieve meaningful advancement.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 13 December 2016.

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