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Publication launch dates 2014

This year marks a significant milestone for UNCTAD as it celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. As the Secretary-General of UNCTAD, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi has said: "It is auspicious that UNCTAD's fiftieth anniversary takes place at a time when the global community rallies toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and seeks to respond to people's aspirations by setting the development agenda beyond 2015." Through various events being held to mark its fiftieth anniversary, UNCTAD aims to stimulate deep reflection on development issues and to listen to and talk with its main partners. Furthermore, in this year's annual UNCTAD flagship reports, as well as being packed with fresh insights and the latest data, special emphasis is put on the fifty-year history of the organization.

Each report will have a principal launch in Geneva, in many cases with Dr. Kituyi presiding at the initial press conference. Other press conferences will be held in strategic locations around the world.

All documents will be available in our virtual newsroom, one week before the embargo is lifted.

For further information, please contact Press Unit, +41.22.917.58.28, +41.79.502.43.11, unctadpress@unctad.org.

World Investment Report 2014World Investment Report 2014:
Investing in the SDGs: An Action Plan
The Report presents the latest trends in foreign direct investment, providing key economic intelligence for policy makers. The report focuses on how corporations can contribute to the realization of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals through additional and innovative financing, investment and responsible business practices.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 24 June 2014.
Economic Development in Africa Report 2014Economic Development in Africa Report 2014:
Catalysing investment for transformative growth in Africa
The Report shows that there are structural problems associated with the pattern of growth in Africa both from a demand and supply perspective, and that these require a move away from consumption to coherent investment-led growth.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 3 July 2014.
Report on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian PeopleReport on UNCTAD Assistance to the Palestinian People

The Report critically analyses key developments in the economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) and its long-term prospects, as well as focusing on Israeli policies and related obstacles to trade and development in the OPT.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 3 September 2014.
Trade and Development Report 2014Trade and Development Report 2014:

Considering 50 years of UNCTAD, but also 70 years since the Bretton Woods Conference, the Report will look beyond the MDGs to the development agenda after 2015 by examining the role of the state in developing countries and asking how they can provide policy space for trade and finance decision-making in the future.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 10 September 2014.
Review of Maritime Transport 2014Review of Maritime Transport 2014:

The Report will include a special chapter on small island developing states, many of which are confronted with rising sea-levels and low levels of liner shipping connectivity. Having been published annually since 1968, the Review of Maritime Transport is UNCTAD’s oldest flagship publication.
Publication is scheduled for 20 November 2014.
Least Developed Countries Report 2014Least Developed Countries Report 2014:

The Report will evaluate the progress that LDCs have made toward the MDGs and conclude that none of these countries is likely to reach most of them. This is because the recent growth of many LDCs has not been accompanied by structural transformation and requires a shift toward higher productivity sectors – a theme that has been at the heart of UNCTAD's development thinking since its inception.
The Report is under embargo until 5 p.m. GMT 27 November 2014.
Commodities and Development Report 2014Commodities and Development Report 2014:
Inclusive and Sustainable Commodity Development: The Case of Smallholder Farmers
The Report shows that, like other economic agents, smallholders respond to incentives. Given the right environment, they make substantial contributions to food security, nutrition, job creation, cash crop production, and sustainable agricultural development.
Publication is scheduled for the first half of 2015.

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