Flagship Reports
TDR Trade and Development Report (TDR) 
The Trade and Development report analyses current  economic trends and major policy issues of international concern, and makes suggestions for addressing these issues at various levels.
WIR World Investment Report (WIR)
The World Investment report focuses on trends in foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide and at the regional and country levels, as well as emerging measures to improve FDI´s contribution to development.
LDC Least Developed Countries Report (LDC)
UNCTAD´s Least Developed Countries Report provides a comprehensive and authoritative source of socio-economic analysis and data on the world´s most impoverished countries. Each Report contains a statistical annex, which provides basic data on the LDCs.
  Economic Development in Africa Report Economic Development in Africa Report
The Economic Development in Africa report analyses selected aspects of Africa´s development problems and major policy issues confronting African countries.
IER and ECDR Information Economy Report (IER)   and E-commerce and Development Report (ECDR)
The Information Economy Report focuses on trends in information and communications technologies (ICT), such as e-commerce and e-business, and on national and international policy and strategy options for improving the development impact.
  RMTReview of Maritime Transport (RMT)
The Review of Maritime Transport examines trends in sea-borne trade and analyses the comparative performance of different geographic regions and countries.
TIR Technology and Innovation Report (TIR)
UNCTAD launched a new flagship report series in 2010, the Technology and Innovation Report, in which issues in science, technology and innovation are addressed in a comprehensive way with an emphasis on policy relevant analysis and conclusions that are topical and important for developing countries.
  TIR Trade and Environment Review (TER)
The objective of the Trade and Environment Review is to enhance understanding of and promote dialogue on the development dimension of key trade and environment issues. Each edition of the Trade and Environment Review comprises one or more lead articles on selected topics, commentaries on those articles by a range of experts, and an overview of UNCTAD technical cooperation activities in the area of trade, environment and development.

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