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18 December 2017UNODC-UNCTAD Expert Consultation on the SDG Indicator on Illicit financial flows - Vienna, December 12 - 14, 2017
08 December 201750th edition of the UNCTAD statistics handbook - 6 December 2017
Handbook of Statistics 2017
05 December 2017Trade and Development in Numbers: Handbook offers crucial economic data for global decision-makers
19 November 2017World Toilet Day
16 November 2017Course on Trade in Services Statistics with emphasis on Africa, organized by WTO in Geneva
07 November 2017Workshop with statisticians from the West African Economic and Monetary Union, Niamey, Niger on 01-03 November 2017
24 October 2017World Development Information Day - October 24
14 October 2017World Standards Day, October 14, 2017
TDB 64th session
25 September 2017UNCTAD strengthens its cooperation with Vietnam in the area of debt and development finance strategies
15 September 201761st World Statistics Congress - Marrakesh, Morocco, July 16-21, 2017
12 July 2017Measuring and evaluation of UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development to Tanzania and Zanzibar, June 29 - July 6, 2017.
10 July 2017Innovate 4 Water conference, Geneva 8-9 June, 2017
26 May 2017ECOWAS export meeting on the continental free trade area (CFTA), trade in goods and trade in services modalities, Accra, Ghana, 16-18 May, 2017
23 May 2017Statistical Capacity Building for Sustainable Development
18 May 2017In search of the Data Revolution
ICT goods
22 February 2017Trade in information and communications technology goods fell in 2015 as industry juggles shifts in demand
15 December 2016UNCTAD launches its 2016 Handbook of Statistics
WSD 2016
20 October 2016UNCTAD marks World Statistics Day: 'Better Data, Better Lives'
13 September 2016International Day for South-South Cooperation
20 July 2016Measuring progress toward attaining the Sustainable Development Goals: Q&A with Steve MacFeely of UNCTAD
unctad 14
18 July 2016Achieving the SDGs requires rich countries to meet their 0.7% aid target - UNCTAD
07 April 2016Global trade slows down to a five-year low in 2015
01 April 2016UNCTAD launches novel Maritime Country Profiles
20 March 2016International Day of Happiness
18 March 2016Statisticians from Asia-pacific least developed countries trained in measuring the information economy
29 January 2016Growth in global imports of information and communications technology slows to five-year low
UNCTAD's Handbook of Statistics 2015
09 December 2015International trade in services was main driver of growth in global trade in 2014
World Statistics Day 2015
19 October 2015World Statistics Day 2015
14 April 2015​In 2014, world merchandise exports grew by 0.6%, while trade in services recorded a 4.2% global increase
08 April 2015Commodity prices decline throughout 2014
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