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Under its technical cooperation activities, UNCTAD provides assistance tailored to the needs of the developing countries, with special attention being paid to the needs of the least developed countries (LDCs) and countries with the greatest needs.

UNCTAD technical cooperation activities are a significant element in achieving the objectives outlined in the Accra Accord adopted by UNCTAD XII, held in Accra (Ghana) in April 2008.

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06 Jul 09 - Spain signs technical cooperation agreement contributing funds for UNCTAD work in Latin America
31 Mar 09 - UNCTAD and UNDP, new strategic partnership
11 Dec 08 - Memorandum of understanding with Dublin Port Company strengthens UNCTAD´s port training programme
24 Oct 08 - UNCTAD to help Iraq participate in a knowledge-based, globalized economy
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A Guide to UNCTAD Technical Cooperation (unctad/dom/2009/2/Rev.1)
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